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Few designers have soared as quickly - and to such heights - as Christian Louboutin. This famous red soled footwear specialist's name is now mispronounced in virtually every language by the swarms of elegant women who, from Los Angeles to Paris, Dubai to Monte Carlo, make and destroy reputations.

He has a boutique a handful of boutiques, an impressive list of clients, and stacks of press articles and legions of imitators.

Celebrities ranging from Angelina Jolie to Madonna are also fans of Christian Louboutin shoes and many celebrities are now choosing his shoes as their red carpet accessories. Angelina Jolie has favoured his designs on almost all red carpet appearences. Gwen Stefani prances around in virtually every rendition of the Pigalle. Christina Aguilera is also a fan of Louboutin's creations, often to be seen wearing them to events, and during her recent Back To Basics tour. Christina has been known to rock the Prive on several occasions. Madonna wore Christian's black patent leather Mad Mary studded mary-janes in her Live Earth performance.

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