Ordering Christian Louboutin shoes online can be a bit intimidating- especially if you have never owned a pair. Whether your style is boots, flats, pumps, sandals or slippers, it helps to consult a sizing guide before making such a fabulous purchase.

Generally, your size of Christian Louboutin shoes can be determined by simply adding 30 to your usual U.S. shoe size. Adding 30 will convert your U.S. shoe size to an Italian one. If you have wide feet, add an extra .5 to the Italian number.

Despite these general guidelines, Christian Louboutin shoes have a reputation for erratic sizing. The fabrics from which Christian Louboutin shoes are made play an important role in identifying a size that will ensure a proper fit. Suede and cotton shoes can stretch over time and eventually accommodate your foot’s shape. Leather shoes run true-to-size. The most unyielding of the fabrics are patent leather and exotic materials like alligator skin and pony hair; when purchasing Christian Louboutin shoes made of these fabrics, plan on sizing up at least half a size.

Like any great designer, Christian Louboutin likes to break rules- even his own. Thus, keep an eye out for the Decollete, Dickensera, Drapanova, Espadrille, Fiorellino, Glamissima, Helmoon, Helmut, Mademoiselle, Marchand, Materna, Maternik Orlato, Parciparla, Voilier Zeppa Wedges, YoYo Zeppas or any other d’Orsay shoe style. Styles like these can run up to one and half sizes larger than what’s marked on Christian’s famous red soles.

Purchasing ill-fitting Christian Louboutin shoes could prove to be disastrous if they’re meant to be worn with a special ensemble. At the very least, an uninformed buy could put a temporary dent in your pocket. So, walk into purchasing Christian Louboutin shoes with the knowledge that each one of Christian’s shoe styles is a unique expression of his creativity and intuition as a fashion designer.

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